Hi, welcome to my first blog post.

Hi, welcome to my first blog post.

I’m so exciting to have a place to share my love for skin. I’m passionate about skin issues, skin technology, skincare, skin innovations, skin science and everything about skin. 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Murielle Alvares, from the Netherlands. 

I graduated with the research subject of long-term effects of Laser and Light on the skin with an assessment of excellent. I finished my master’s degree as one of the best with designing a personal Artificial Skin. In this project, together with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, I researched and developed a therapeutic artificial skin for burning scar treatments. In which the wearability and cosmetic value play a major role. I’m actively involved in para-medical skincare education and training. My work bridges the gap between cosmetic- paramedical- and medical skin problems and skincare. 

At this moment I work as a lecturer and teach about all aspects of the skin. My graduate students become derma-therapists. It’s a protected title and a profession that only exists in the Netherlands. A derma-therapist treats people with skin diseases and skin disorders. You can best compare the profession with physiotherapy, only specifically for the skin. A derma-therapist is not a dermatologist but works closely with them. If you want to know more, let me know. 

What’s this blog about?

To learn more about the skin you’re in. Your skin, which protects you all day long, is so smart, unique and special that it keeps surprising us. 

I’m debunking myths, give practical, evidence-based advice and I want to share my skin tips and experiences with you. I try to keep things simple so that you can learn more about the skin you’re in. That you can make evidence-based decisions about your skin (-care products).

Skin science can be simple, fun and amazing.